Hospitality ExperiencesCorp

Overview-What does the Company do?

                What does the Company do?

Hospitality ExperiencesCorp is the company which attacks and solves the problem crippling 88% of America’s un-franchised/non-franchisable small businesses. The problem is this: they are without a proven, transferable or sustainable business system and consequently, have a 70% failure rate!

We focus primarily on the hospitality industry; however, our systems and protocols are totally adaptable to a myriad of enterprises. Our market is specific to “complex” businesses, where franchises do not work or are simply inappropriate. We see ourselves as the alternative to franchising with all the benefits …none of the restrictions…and, you own the flag!

Hospitality ExperiencesCorp, incorporating Qryslis and “YourFlag Experiences” (patent pending) is structured around an ever-expanding team of licensed Regional QEOs* whose initial mission is to identify, evaluate and form relationships with prospective Licensee’s: resorts, villages, country clubs, hotels, etc. within their territory. Thereafter their relationship with their Licensees is ongoing and involves asset management, access to “The Vault”, open dialogue with fellow QEOs, short medium and long-term strategic directional planning, access to finance, the sale of the business if appropriate- in short, everything and anything that assures the success of their Licensees.

We operate as a “decentralized” business. Our QEOs must have a minimum experience of ten years in hospitality (preferable with real estate) or partner with someone who does.Both they and their Licensees automatically become owner/partners of Qrysylis upon purchase of their license. Furthermore, every QEO is effectively an owner/operator of his territory and in charge of and responsible for the growth and success of his/her own business.

Licensees retain absolute control of their businesses but never again have to face the ongoing “challenges” of operating complex hospitality businesses by themselves. Their license affords them 24/7 access to and collaboration with their agent and the entire Qrysylis team, whose success depends on their success. The quintessential “Win Win”!

Another perspective…Why “Qrysylis”?

Remember “chrysalis” in high school biology: that weird predicament in which a caterpillar finds itself in its quest to become a butterfly. At Qrysylis, we regard our target market as those businesses trapped in the chrysalis… and the “fields” are white unto harvest!” Sure, they may look colorful, healthy, even prosperous, but like the caterpillar, they’ve probably already eaten through all the “green stuff”, stopped growing, and are just hanging there at the mercy of the changing winds, clinging to a dead or dying plant…going nowhere.

Our mission is to identify those resorts, villages, country clubs, etc. who are hopelessly trapped in the chrysalis, agree on an escape/rescue plan, add a bunch of exciting vibrant color, and give them an innovative and remarkably flexible new set of wings, so they can fly to heights they and their investors never dreamed possible…and remain airborne for the long haul no matter which way the wind blows. And remember, we’ve got your six”!


    1. Qrysylis decreases risk and increases the average success rate of America’s 24 million small businesses that can’t use franchising. The rate increases from a 70% failure rate to an 85% success rate. The average failure rate for complex, un- franchised businesses, is over 70 %.  Franchising has an 85% average success rate, however, franchises do not work in businesses that are complex & can’t be duplicated easily.  Only 12% of American businesses are franchised.
    1.   We solve this problem!  We also capitalize because of the problem – especially the real estate segment.
    1. The patent (referred to as “YourFlag Experiences”) is a Utility, Business, Process & Licensing System.   Basically “YourFlag Experiences” is the alternative to franchising where franchising does not work, there is no system or franchise, the project is to complex and cannot be duplicated, or the owner does not wish to franchise or he prefers to own his or her own brand, and a myriad of other reasons.
    1. We are not in the franchise business because franchising does not work where businesses cannot be easily duplicated.   However, we have no qualms about adding a franchise, such as Starbucks, to an existing licensed resort to enhance the guest experience.   In a nutshell, we license complex businesses, such as a resort, with a total system that can be financed. Investors wish to invest in the overall resort.  If the resort is not successful real estate is affected.  ExperiencesCorp. “Your Flag Experiences” license solves this problem.
    1. We also have a relationship with a franchise development company when we find a perfect business model for franchising return right to them to have it done – and resell it to art network.
    1. While we are not insurance people our business model and strategies are positioned to have a professional insurance person work with us to include some form of insurance for each one of our hospitality businesses beyond the traditional insurance already been purchased.

Hospitality ExperiencesCorp

      This business model was put together over fifty years – key founders:

    1. Club Corp. and Club Resorts – founder Robert H Dedman. (15 years -Negotiating, President ClubResorts, Director Center for Resort, Cub & Leisure Real Estate Methodist University)
    2. The Villages – Founder H Gary Morse –  Leased my first restaurant from Gary – 4 years (My Best Man).  Added Experiences to his Family’s Restaurant – the first successful addition to profitable and sustainable experiences.
    3. The Grand Hotel – founder and my first mentor on owning resorts
    4. Strategic Horizons Authors of The Experiences Economy.  Anyone in this business should get the disk.
    5. John Meeske eight years as the director of the Center for Resort Clubs and Leisure Real Estate along with his 50-year background as an owner, corporate executive with Club Corp., a professor at Methodist University and now founder of Your Flag Experiences Utility Business Process Patent and over 10,000 team partner assistants and students.  The reason this business model is so good is the 10,000+friends, coworkers, students & family did all the work. I may be a good visionary but I wasn’t close to the professionalism of people who made all these successes possible.
    6. Focus – complex resorts, unique restaurants, ski resorts, golf courses, waterfront -most had major real estate plays and club memberships.  Real Estate over 50% in most projects.

Company Mission & Vision

What is the company’s Vision, Mission and Strategy? 


 The World’s Leading Hospitality Experiences Company!


“YourFlag Experiences” licensing system becomes the most valuable asset of each Qrysylis business under our Patented License System.  The “YourFlag Experiences” license draws capital for business funding, increases value and attracts partners, bankers, investors, guarantees and buyers.  The license save jobs, decreases turnover, increases success and builds wealth for ALL stakeholders.

We capitalize from the sale of “YourFlag Experiences” licensing system, fees as asset managers, fees for raising capital, fees for selling projects and potential ownership.

We are seeking a relationship /partner to maximize the potential of the company, the scalability of the patent and the individual successes of our licensees.

Real estate values as well as operating companies are dependent, on the quality of the agent asset managers in hospitality and the owners approach to real estate and complex business models.

We will use a proven financial system where our partner’s capital is in priority positions with virtually no risk. We use “YourFlag Experiences” Patent in conjunction with Trigger Deals tied to SPLP  – a proven financial business model that repositions, repurposes and redevelops fallen angles through Experiences. This financial business plan strategy was created over 50 years. ALL stakeholders become comfortable.

Company Strategies


  1. A decentralized organization nationally and internationally.  .  ClubCorp. was much more successful when it was a decentralized – organization cultures & unique experiences.  Lower overhead and better profitability .
  1. Ownership.   We have been discussing three approaches:  One is the leading financial owner with A+ integrity.  Two is inside ownership by License Agents, Executives and Licensee’s  – they would own a larger % of the company.  Three is to have a combination of one & two.
  2. Licensing . We are suggesting the use of seasoned, highly talented hospitality professionals to not only sell licenses but oversee as the asset manager.
  3. Qrysylis  Experiences License – every licensed business is a Qrysylis Experience Business with access to the Vault and all the asset managers.  Works perfectly for bankers, stakeholders
  1. Seamless Guest Experience – the strategy increases the value of the resort and decreases the risk.  Keeps resorts from going broke, real estate from declining value and investors losing money. That’s where our license system is invaluable.
  1. “Your Flag Experiences patent“ – to become the Alternative to Franchising – required that we patent the process – we did!

Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

Value over $10 billion with the right financial partner & team.

It’s virtually impossible to find resorts that have announced that they’re selling. These transactions are all based on knowledge of the resort, evaluating the owners position and working on business models and experiences that will increase the value of the overall property. Properties below are just a sample of what is available. We do not need to own every resort however every resort needs our licensing system, our access to capital, our valuable Experiences to add to their positions.

When I was given permission to market the fact ClubCorp was now in the club resort business we started receiving an average of 50 leads per week seeking a relationship.  With the way capital is today you should be over 100 per week.

  1. ClubCorp- 200 country clubs and Club Corp. company was recently purchased by Apollo. We have the right business plan and access to the right people for this transaction however, to succeed we would need the right financial partner.  Feel that with the right owner we are perfect to work with Apollo to read position and repurpose ClubCorp and each club.  With the right plan Apollo may wish to sell it – we are not quite ready for this move however there are some strategies that could accelerate the process. Result of this opportunity could mean several billion dollars to the overall company.
  2. Pinehurst,  8,000 acres – a key element in the Club Corp. company
  3. Shanty Creek- 4000 acres, what 6 golf  – needs discussion I owned this with partners sold this resort to ClubCorp
  4. Homestead- 6000 acres needs conversation
  5. Greenbrier- one of America’s finest – several options license, JV relationship
  6. Casinos licensing – major opportunities in licensing experiences and operating programs for casinos particularly Native American casinos.
  7. Villages- licensing could be the biggest part of the licensing strategic plan.
  8. County – licensing could also be a major opportunity for our experiences licensing company
  9. The Otsego Resort merger with Tree Tops –  dollar 3000 acres,       6 courses,    2 ski areas, restaurants, conference facilities. Neither successful on its own merged together possible home run. Both projects in trouble financially.
  10. The Grand Hotel- leading island resort in Michigan – long shot that could lead to many more opportunities
  11. Barton Creek- major developments, golf, conference center – while we might not get Barton Creek, it like the grand hotel will lead to many opportunities and is worth discussing.
  12. The Leelanau Peninsula – County –  Bankrupt Resort.  Solving this problem could lead to several hundred counties in need of licensing health and real estate business opportunities.
  13. Antrim County- 135,000 acres 150 miles of Lake frontage and $2.1 billion in value . We’ve had conversations with this county – I live in this area and can really help get a good audience.
  14. 10,000 resorts in America each one has an opportunity – licensing, ownership, prior to being capital plus equity etc.
  15. 15,000 country clubs and his 50% in trouble – club Corp. relationship bring the solutions
  16. In many of these cases above we can license first and then go for ownership etc. after we thoroughly know what were involved with and have the plan to accomplish the plan. Doing business in a joint venture manner with owners takes high integrity and the part of our company – our capital partner must be of the highest level of integrity.


  1. Qrysylis Licensing System in 50 States, then 145 international English speaking countries
  2. Qrysylis “YourFlag Experiences ” license to increase the average success rate for licensed complex business models from 30% to 85%.
  3. “YourFlag Experiences” along with the Experiences Vault and Qrysylis ______ raises capital to turnaround fallen angels safely.
  4. Business Partners have stock in parent company, patent & possibly a REIT
  5. ExperiencesCorp to have the largest number of Experiences & OVExperience processes in the World – YourFlag Experiences Vault!
  6. All partner owners must be leaders in the hospitality industry and team players
  7. Partner-owned licenses increase in value due to the “YourFlag        Experiences” Patent & YourFlag Experiences Vault
  8. Patent income from licenses, low debt, no bricks and mortar and All non-franchisable properties are licensed by “YourFlag Experiences” patent pending.

Unlimited Scalability

    1. The USA has over 24 million complex small businesses models without sustainable, financeable or transferable systems and an average failure rate of 70%.
    2. Unlimited complex business models in the world – no barrier to the entrance!
    3. Owning your “Flag” enhances owning your own business
    4. “YourFlag Experiences” enhances funding for buyersso owners can sell.
    5. Marinas, yes “YourFlag Experiences” works for water-based complex businesses.
    6. Dining, without a franchise, now a proven system to enhance & save the value.
    7. Country Clubs – WOW “YourFlag Experiences” is the solution for Clubs.
    8. Unique hotel experiences – “YourFlag Experiences” works to preserve.
    9. “YourFlag” – works for ALL “Complex Business Models” that means businesses other than hospitality using our custom templates.  Scalability unlimited! (we are focused on hospitality currently).
    10. “YourFlag Experiences” works where there is NO franchise – one of our partners builds franchises.
    11. “YourFlag Experiences” – when the owner does not want to franchise we have ALL the advantages of franchising without the franchise.
    12. “YourFlag Experiences” – the owner can grow without franchising.
    13. Less Risk – “YourFlag” protects ALL Stakeholders.
    14. More control, more markets, and greater upside than franchising.
    15. Return on Experiences (ROE) increases ROI.
    16. YourFlag Experiences” license – the most valuable asset when business is sold!
    17. Leisure developments – “YourFlag” is exactly what is needed.
    18. Villages ALL need “YourFlag Experiences” – protects against politicians!
    19. With “YourFlag Experiences” we can build unlimited resorts.
    20. Qrysylis owns the ExperiencesVault –  which builds “YourFlag Experiences” earning value with no limits to the level of scaling.

What sets your company apart from similar kinds of companies-what distinguishes it?

Qrysylis is the parent company – owns  “YourFlag Experiences License” – What is it?   It’s is a Utility Business Process Patent – not a Franchise!!!  with all the advantages without the franchise.  IP owned by ExperiencesCorp & ExperiencesVault.ORG.

ExperiencesVault.ORG – is also owned by Qrysylis and is our individual Experiences Processes, Protocols with Culture, and Training Center.

ExperiencesCorp is a Decentralized company

License Agents own part of the parent company and their individual licensed area.

Qrysylis has “All the Advantages of Franchising without the Franchise” but can franchise parts of the business and mix with the parts.!

Attracts equity & debt capital for complex businesses because of the  ExperiencesCorp Licensing System, flexibility and

Licensee own the Name – and the license – in franchising you do n’t.

The license is sold with the sales transaction – protects ALL stakeholders!

Protects your “Personalized Winning Culture” – in case of catastrophe!  Very similar to insurance.

Success rate & multiple of earnings – higher due to Experiences & Protocols

Proven over 50 years – all Experiences Customized with protection!

Significantly lowers riskfor ALL Stakeholders!

Works where franchises – don’t work

You can “Joint Venture” – without destroying your culture

Banks can sell REO properties – at much higher prices

Owners can SELL business for MORE due to ExperiencesVault & Licensing System.

Buyers can raise capital to purchase – much easier

Average Success Rates increasesfrom 30% to 85%

Owner can sell the business, keep the real estate and Preserve the culture

Comes with Team & Template to raise capital – to expand the business

Owner can sell stock (or SARs) in the business – without changing culture

Experiences, product flexibility, cultures & asset management – increases success & markets.

Management can become part owners – strengthens culture

Out does franchising potential – due to Customized Experiences

You can ultimately franchise part or all of your business model – if it makes economic & strategic sense and you pass the franchise test.

 “YourFlag Experiences” & Individualized Licensing system becomes your most valuable asset!