If you are not among the 12% of business owners which enjoy a whopping 85% success rate and an even higher rate (96%) after 5 years, then you would be part of the 88% of small businesses in America that experience a pathetic 30% average success rate with only 26% being successful after 5 years. Quite possibly that’s why you’re here. Those in the 12% would be from businesses belonging to a franchise. Tedious, routine driven, “by the numbers” businesses. A complex business model on the other hand is a BIG problem with business in America today, and you may be facing problems like these:

Unable to raise finance
Great facility, but too few customers
Staff Turnover
Want to sell but can't find buyer
I've got a tiger by the tail but am on my own
Ready to take next step but unsure what the next step is


When motels no longer met people’s needs, someone created Airbnb

When taxis weren’t cutting it, someone created Uber

When 88% of the USA’s 25 million small businesses have only a 30% success rate,

we created Hospitality ExperiencesCorp!

The Alternative to Franchising

Created for all businesses that do not fit the franchise model. Our patented system will increase the average success rate for qualified independent businesses to over 85%. Businesses transformed by Qrysylis receive innovative wings.

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Is there a better answer than franchising?

Get the answer to this and other frequently asked questions

  • Why doesn’t franchising work for complex business models like resorts, country clubs, marinas and one of a kind restaurants?
  • How does “The Alternative to Franchising” work for all small businesses that cannot franchise ?
  • Can Country Clubs have the same average success rate equal to or better than franchises?
  • Your literature says I can own a County. How does that work? Whats the cost?
  • I read that I could become a partner in the parent company-is that for real? How can I do that?

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We call ourselves PARTNERS, because we are…(PARTNERSĀ are so important to us we capitalize the word). We’re all in this together, providing expertise to each other as needed. That’s why we’re so particular on who joins our private “club”. Meet our team of experts and we will explain the opportunities of partnering with YourFlag Experiences.

John Meeske

Chief Experience Officer
Founder and author of the book ``Resorts-The Entrepreneur's Ultimate Toy``.

John Edmondson

Business Development and Sales & Marketing
22 years experience in the islands working with companies like ITT Sheraton, Divi Resorts, Sunterra Resorts

Ken Kashuba

Experiences Vault Development
Background in corporate video production and management to help develop your video experiences and vault delivery for the future.


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